10-16 iunie 2014: Into the Wilderness of Buzău

Data: 10/06/2014 - 16/06/2014 Locație: Buzău

10-16 iunie 2014: Into the Wilderness of Buzău

We visit a land full of mystery and legends in Northern Buzău. Here we find many cave churches dating from the pre-christian era, we admire hills covered with meadows and an abundance of flower species.

The Mud Volcanoes, one of the most impressive natural wonders from Buzău area, are waiting for us. And this is not all: salt mountains, wild dark forests, old monasteries and remote villages, this is what we experience during 6 days of adventure.

Come and join us in an unique cycling experience in a land that Europe hasn’t discovered yet!

Medium level / 7 days / 5 days cycling + 1 day hiking

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